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The unlikely partnership – Aussie SMEs and non-bank financiers…

Published: 17 May 2023

Business financing today is easier then ever. Gone are the days of endless form filing, months of back and forth with the bank and hours spent chasing down the funding you desperately need.

Why securing business financing now will ensure you start the new year with a bang...

Published: 02 December 2022

Business financing today is easier then ever. Gone are the days of endless form filing, months of back and forth with the bank and hours spent chasing down the funding you desperately need.

Banks & large financiers…your move on SME Lending

Published: 30 August 2022

There’s an undeniable shift in the business lending market. It’s accelerating amidst the backdrop of falling property prices, increasing interest rates and the rising cost of living.

Why banks are missing the digital revolution...

Published: 11 May 2022

There is a giant gulf that’s opened up between most of the banks in Australia and the SME sector, which just happens to be the most promising engine of growth in this country.

The era of kingdoms is over, the (tech) empires strikes back

Published: 04 Mar 2022

They say the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. I tripped over an opportunity that proved the worth of that saying. It happened around ten years ago when I was working as a chartered accountant with Deloitte and EY, dealing with SMEs in the UK.

Traditional Invoice Finance Workflow Shakeup

Published: 14 July 2021

Although invoice finance is a relatively easy business finance solution for SMEs, it does come with a specific workflow that its users have to incorporate into their business operations, as well as specific accounting entries with which accountants need to be familiar.

Australian Small Businesses Get No Love from The Big Banks

Published: 19 April 2021

As we’ve written before, small businesses are vital for the success of the Australian economy. Based on The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman latest data, small businesses account for about 98% of all businesses, and contribute 32% to Australia’s total GDP.

Grapple Utilised Across Business Sectors

Published: 10 Feb 2021

Over the last 18 months, Grapple has been able to work with businesses across many different industries.

Who Needs Invoice Financing ?

Published: 22 Jan 2021

Invoice financing is a dynamic working capital finance solution, but how do you know if it’s the right fit for your business?

Looking Forward to 2021

Published: 22 Dec 2020

As 2020 comes to an end, we’re looking forward to better times ahead. However, we can’t jump into 2021, without reflecting on the year that’s been..

New portal streamlines the process for brokers

Published: 10 Dec 2020

With a broad base knowledge around the latest in business financing and cashflow management, brokers are well placed as trusted advisers to help their clients stay abreast of the latest financial offerings.

How to keep cash flowing during turbulent times

Published: 22 Oct 2020

Who would have thought this time last year that a pandemic would close down the world’s economy? Yet, despite the best laid plans, COVID-19 had other ideas.

However, with a little ingenuity and some strategic thinking, it is possible to put your best foot forward to sidestep the worst of the impact.

Cashflow a click away. Apply. Upload. Fund. Too easy!

Published: 19 Aug 2020

Life is too short for sleepless nights full of worry and anxiety. When you want to keep your business thriving and need quick access to the funds in your unpaid invoices, contact Grapple and we’ll help you sleep like a baby.

Introducing Grapple. Fast funding. On demand, anytime, anywhere

Published: 17 Jul 2020

Grapple your cash flow management by leveraging your invoice financing. Unlock the money in your unpaid invoices with debtor financing for fast funds.

Cashflow Management, Working Capital and Small Business

Published: 21 Jul 2018

What is cashflow, why is it so important to a business, and how to make sure you have a healthy working capital.

Choosing the Right Loan for Your Business

Published: 21 Jul 2018

The changing outlook for business loans to SMEs in Australia, and what you need to know before making a decision.

The Banking Royal Commission

Published: 21 Jul 2018

A summary of what has been revealed so far about the dodgy practices of Australia’s biggest financial institutions.

Alternative Financing vs Traditional Financing.

Published: 21 May 2018

Myths about non-bank financing exposed.

Businesses Look to Improve Cashflow Management with Invoice Financing

Published: 21 May 2018

What is invoice financing and how does it compare to the traditional financing options?

Imagine a World Where Small Business Thrives

Published: 21 May 2018

Grapple did, and we’re working hard to make it a reality. Read what we believe that world looks like and what we’re doing to make it happen.

How to Spot Potential Cashflow Problems

Published: 21 May 2018

Healthy cashflow is essential for growing your business. If you are barely staying afloat between invoice payments, you are not alone. You can take action before it’s too late.

How to Turn the Tide of Tight Cashflow

Published: 21 May 2018

If your business struggles to make ends meet between orders and invoice payments, take action to turn the tide, and get control of your cashflow.

How to Finance Your Business While Avoiding the Banks

Published: 21 May 2018

If you don’t feel like the values of the big banks are in line with the way you do business, there are alternative sources of financing available. Often these providers are also quicker and cheaper.

Businesses Embracing Cloud Accounting

Published: 21 May 2018

Using cloud accounting can save time and money, and make it easier for business owners to access financing.

The Future of Customer Experience

Published: 21 May 2018

In a competitive market, a positive customer experience will give your business an edge and keep customers coming back for more.

Invoice Financing vs. Invoice Factoring

Published: 21 May 2018

When your business is in need of some quick cash, these are two of the options available for financing. But what exactly is the difference between these often-confused models, and how can they be used to manage your cashflow?

Small Business Success Story

Published: 21 Feb 2018

You’ve won the big contract, got the deal signed, invested in meeting your large client’s demands, but can’t get paid for three months. Many businesses share this experience, some manage to succeed some fail under the pressure.

Cashflow is Still a Worry for Many Businesses

Published: 21 Feb 2018

With little uptake of the Government's idea of a prompt payment protocol, small businesses continue to be taken advantage of by their large clients. Invoice financing can relieve the pressure when cashflow is locked up in accounts receivable.

Is Your Cash Among the $19 Billion Locked Away in Accounts Receivable?

Published: 21 Feb 2018

Large businesses take advantage of their power, putting strain on the cashflow of their small suppliers. Culture of late invoice payments takes its toll on the small business sector.

Priority Number One, The Customer

Published: 21 Feb 2018

Keeping your customers happy is critical in business. Your relationships with your customers affect everything from your acquisition of new customers to the cashflow in your business.