License Our Tech

Grapple's proprietary LendTech solutions have SaaS capabilities across the entire product suite. Grapple's financing – select invoices and whole-of-turnover - and B2B payments platform follows years of development and has been built with feedback from Australian SMEs.

Our tech is available to use by 3rd party lenders and intermediaries.

What you get with our Tech

Automated Client Onboarding

Grapple has digitised the onboarding process to remove friction for new and existing clients through automation and smart integrations.

Simple Ledger Management

Customise your facility and client management settings to suit your business whilst reducing servicing and administration time.

Preventative Risk Management

Grapple provides the very latest technology to provide all the information your business needs – concentration limits and % (client/debtor and invoice level), live credit feeds, ledger and payment analysis – to ensure you see problems before the occur.

Why Aussie SMEs love our tech

Simple and transparent

With Grapple you know what you get. Access your working dashboard instantly. All the information you need to improve yourcashflow and increase working capital is at your fingertips.

Syncs to your invoicing software

Live data transfer with your existing software saves you time and money.

Financing the way it should be

Our tech makes the approval and funding process seamless. Verification and funding is done in minutes.

Why our Partners love our tech


Grapple’s technology includes live credit feeds, KYC processes, live bank statements, accounting ratio analysis and more which contribute to ensuring we we see problems before they occur.


Grapple provides the very latest tech and best-in-class third party integrations to de-risk your invoice financing offering and the businesses you fund.


Grapple has simplified the onboarding and client management process through automation to reduce servicing and admin.

‘Plug And Play’ Invoice Finance Solution

Grapple’s ‘ready-made’ invoice financing solution is perfect for new market entrants or those looking to gain a footprint into the SME lending industry without having to set up the entire structure and team. With ‘Plug and Play’ all client and platform servicing is executed by Grapple’s team of specialists on your behalf.

Invoice Finance

Grapple Licensed Tech

The licensing option is for a larger lender who has a funding, credit and operational team in place and most importantly the internal ‘know how’ of operationalising invoice financing at scale. Platform servicing and operations will need to be resourced by your business whilst Grapple provides a custom platform environment for you to use with ongoing tech and training support.

Invoice Finance

Partnership Approach

Perfect for large lenders or banks who want to keep the customer experience in ‘one spot’ and completely integrate Grapple’s tech into their current solutions and offerings. Work with our specialists to build a UX that compliments your existing product suite and infrastructure. Consider this a ‘blank canvas’ for us to tailor a solution that works for you and your business.

Invoice Finance