New portal streamlines the process for brokers

Cashflow a click away. Apply. Upload. Fund. Too easy!

Published: 10/12/2020

With a broad base knowledge around the latest in business financing and cashflow management, brokers are well placed as trusted advisers to help their clients stay abreast of the latest financial offerings.

One of the fastest growing financial sectors in Australia is invoice financing, with over 4,000 businesses putting through $65 billion of invoice financing each year, compared to $4 billion in 1996 and $18 billion in 2002.

Grapple is at the forefront of innovation in this sector, providing new platforms and automation that make it easier to use and can give more flexible terms to Australian SMEs. After one year in operation, Grapple has funded more than $25 million to Australian SMEs across over 25,000 invoices.

Ideal for businesses that are growing fast and looking to fund that growth, Grapple’s brand-new broker portal has been designed to streamline the process. Brokers can register a deal, check the status and get their client a quote in no time.

You can select how you want to be paid, i.e. upfront, trail, or a combination of both. Clients can onboard themselves, or you can do it for them. This bespoke solution puts an end to convoluted email trails and delivers a quick, transparent process to keep brokers in the loop about the status of their deals at all times. Making the whole process seamless for you and your client is our priority.

3 Benefits of Referring Clients to Grapple

  • Easy to use platforms - meaning quicker approvals and a better user experience
  • Flexible terms and market leading rates
  • Generous commissions for brokers

Grapple is an Australian owned and funded disruptive marketplace financing company that offers fast funding, on demand, anytime, anywhere. We offer great rates to growing Australian businesses helping them to develop and flourish.

Best of all, our fast funding service is delivered in a completely bank-free zone, so there’s less paperwork and less hassles.

We offer a range of financing products, from a simple selective invoice finance solution, to a full drawdown facility against the entire ledger. Quite simply, it’s invoice financing re-imagined.

Win-win revolutionary funding platform

“The Grapple platform has inbuilt flexibility to give customers various finance options, ranging from part of a single invoice, to a selection of specific invoices, right up to the financing of the whole ledger,” says Steve Dawson, Grapple’s founder and CEO. “The beauty of this approach is that we can give clients as much or as little finance as they want, and they only pay for what they use.”

Grapple’s fintech approach specialises in matching SMEs in need of finance with investors looking for a return. As an originator of loans, Grapple lends money utilising its own tech and also sources and services SMEs who need funds for their continued growth.

Borrowers enjoy no ongoing fees and immediate access to the funds in their unpaid invoices, allowing them to take back control of their cash flow. Investors benefit with direct access to this new liquid asset class and steady, risk related returns.

Give us a call today on 1300 495 300 or 0450 654 494 or check out our new broker portal here