Priority Number One, The Customer

Keeping your customers happy is critical in business. Your relationships with your customers affect everything from your acquisition of new customers to the cashflow in your business. Find out more on the Grapple Blog.

Published: 21/02/2018

Developing The Idea Of ‘The Customer’

Most businesses today revere the fact that they are distinctly customer-centric. But with the ebbs and flows of business life, the customer can often drift far from the forefront of a business’s mind.

Developing genuine relationships with clients over time is not only good business, but directly linked to an increase in profitability. This is especially the case when it comes to customer retention, with businesses on average losing around 10% of their consumer base per year (according to a leading online CRM provider). Developing a business culture that prevents this customer loss can relieve the pressure placed on many small to medium businesses.

One of the biggest indicators of a business culture that fosters customer service is the customers bond or trust in the product. This is cultivated through a constant positive experience surrounding the product. In order to deliver a dependable and positive customer experience, all active members in the business must have a comprehensive understanding of the customer, and what drives them. This will develop customers who actively seek a business’s products because of their attachment to the business and the positive experience they receive by participating in the interaction.

Maintaining ‘The Customer’ Without Compromise

Being so customer driven can often come at a cost for a small to medium business. The primary concern being the neglect of cashflow in an effort to develop a strong customer base. Grapple’s unique cashflow finance solution provides an answer to this dichotomy. Grapple’s innovative peer-2-peer lending platform can deliver business finance through invoice finance without the necessity for costly business loans or lines of credit. This enables businesses to keep the customer priority Number One.