Imagine a World Where Small Business Thrives

Grapple did, and we’re working hard to make it a reality. Read what we believe that world looks like and what we’re doing to make it happen.

Published: 21/05/2018

What is Grapple?

Grapple is a peer-to-peer provider of invoice finance that gives businesses the opportunity to overcome cashflow problems that so often spell disaster. We understand the contribution growing businesses makes to the economy and want to create an environment in which these businesses thrive, as opposed to just scrape by.

What do businesses need to succeed?

Although there are a number of fundamental elements required for business success, we believe cashflow management is critical and we’re here to help. With Grapple you maintain control of your business activities while receiving the cashflow you need in a quick and efficient way.

Finance that always matches business growth.CheckCircle
A business finance provider that only charges when their service is used.CheckCircle
No lock‑in! Give business the ability to stop using financing at anytime.CheckCircle
Finance is arranged between community members and not greedy institutions.CheckCircle
Bankers who are more focused on bonuses they are getting from the loan than the client they are loaning the money to.

unfortunately we can’t fix the ways of the banks, but we can do the rest! Our team really cares about the success of your business and we will take the time to understand your needs and situation. Our process is fast and transparent, leading to less headaches and anxiety for you. We know that it’s hard to run a business and we’re here to help you succeed, not weigh you down with bureaucracy and lock-in contracts.